Data + Reporting

You should be able to easily access and understand your data.

If you don't understand how people interact with you online, you're flying blind.

We start with our market research report and transition to complete online tracking and data. 


We are completely transparent and educate the client along the way. This will guarantee that you understand everything for yourself and you will never again be taken advantage of by a marketing company. 

What data should you know?

Reputation Management

Our software tracks everywhere that your company’s name is mentioned online and then we work to protect it.

Social Marketing

Our Social Marketing App organizes and tracks the reach and insights for all of your social channels in one place. 

Listings Managment

Simply type in your company’s information one time and our AI will make sure you are found on Google, Bing, Siri, Amazon Alexa and hundreds of other sites and emerging search engines. 

Advertising Intelligence

All of your advertising channels and campaigns organized neatly and easy to understand in one place.

Sales Funnel Tracking

Our software breaks your entire online presence (social, ads, organic, website data) down into three easy to read categories: impressions, engagement, conversions. 


Easy to ready daily, weekly or monthly reporting for owners, executives and management teams. 

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